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VonHaus 1200Watt Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners - Review

img alt=VonHaus 23 src= / An excellent budget vacuum that rocks at carpets...

Black & Decker SVJ520BFS Vacuum Cleaners - Review

img alt=B&D 14 src= / Black & Deckers 2-in-1 cleaner has a few issues...

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Vacuum Cleaners - Review

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Gtech AirRam Mk2 Vacuum Cleaners - Review

img alt=Gtech AirRam Mk2 7 src= / This innovative floor cleaner wants to take on Dyson...

Dyson V8 Animal Vacuum Cleaners - Review

img alt=V8 Animal 13 src= / Pet hair be gone!...

Duronic VC70 Vacuum Cleaners - Review

img alt=Duronic VC70 src= / This cheap cylinder vacuum cleaner is a bit chaotic...

Russell Hobbs RHUV3002 Vacuum Cleaners - Review

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