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The New World of Appliances

The rise of society’s newfound desire to be constantly connected, coupled with an increased awareness on energy consumption and cost, has given new urgency to building and home management systems. ...

Cooking Appliances Finish Year Up 3.2%

The Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers’ (AHAM) December shipment numbers showed an increase in overall Major Appliances, jumping to 7,285.9, a 4.7% increase from December 2017. The year-to-date number was flat at 79,225.8, an increase of 0.1% over last year. ...

Bridging the Gap: Connecting the Nonconnectable

Bridging the gap is a popular idiom derived from Old English. In its earliest use—and not surprisingly—bridge meant “to make a causeway” and gap meant “an opening in a wall.” So, to the drywallers, civil engineers, and road construction crews of the early 14th century (Ha!), bridging a gap was quite literal. ...

The Graduate Class

It’s been said that a degree in industrial design is the best liberal arts education you could get. A good designer is part humanist, part artist, part technologist, and part capitalist....

Silicone-based Technology Improves Processability of Highly Filled Flame-retardant PE Compounds for Wire & Cable Insulation

Regulatory changes and sustainability efforts are prompting wire and cable manufacturers to replace traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation with other materials that avoid toxicity issues. The European Commission states, “PVC has been at the center of a controversial debate during much of the last two decades. ...

Getting Off the Ground Floor of the Smart Building Revolution

As people come to expect the convenience of smart technology in their homes, cars and workplaces, property management firms and building planners consider building automation an investment rather than a luxury....

SKU-PID_1166 Snap-on 1/4in. Foot from Sewing Machine Plus  sku

Snap-on 1/4in. Foot - PID_1166 by Pfaff

Item description: This Sewing Presser Feet product is by Pfaff - Snap-on 1/4in. Foot 93-036927-91 - Pfaff has a cut-out in the cross-bar.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Pfaff

Category: Presser Feet


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