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We won Best of the South Bay Again!

We have been voted the best vacuum cleaner shop in the Torrance area by the readers of The Daily Breeze!...

All Makes Vacuums Wins Best of the South Bay for the 5th Time

All Makes Vacuums was voted Best in the South Bay for the category of Best Vacuum Cleaner Shop for the 5th time in the last 8 years....

The truth about HEPA filters and your vacuum cleaner

What does HEPA mean Do they really help Do I really need a HEPA filter for my vacuum cleaner I have a HEPA filter, but how do I know if it is doing the job...

What vacuum should you use on silk or ultra soft, high-pile carpet?

If you just put Mohawks SmartStrand Silk or the Shaw Anso Caress carpet, you need to be aware that your vacuum cleaner probably will not push through it!...

We now sell Austin Air Air Purifiers

All Makes Vacuums and are proud top announce that we now carry Austin Air Purifiers in our store and on our website!...

Consumer Reports and Durability of Vacuum Cleaners

Can you trust what the leading consumer reporting publications are telling you when it comes to recommending a vacuum cleaner...

Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Sachet Pearl Packs - 5 / Pack - 6E-3RZI-VO7R - Accessories sku

Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Sachet Pearl Packs - 5 / Pack - 6E-3RZI-VO7R by Fresh Wave

Item description: This Accessories Cleaning Supplies product is by Fresh Wave - Pearl pack sachets can be tossed into a gym bag, placed under the seat of your car or even slipped into your shoes after a long run. Perfect for active lifestyles. Fresh Wave Pearl Packs easily combat odors in gym or sports bags, lockers, shoes, even athletic equipment. Just drop one in wherever you need a boost of freshness and that distinctive sweat smell magically disappears. Each jar contains 5 packs. One sachet will keep things odor free for approximately 25 days. No matter the odor, Fresh Wave products provide an all-natural solution. Comprised of extracts of soy, lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood, Fresh Wave is biodegradable and non-toxic; perfect for the naturally green home. From the basement to the garage to the kitchen, you can eliminate odors virtually anywhere with Fresh Wave.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Fresh Wave

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Category: Cleaning Supplies


See the Price of Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Sachet Pearl Packs - 5 / Pack

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