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Samsung Vacuum Air Canister 5100C - 7O-LZAE-Z68B by

Item description: This Vacuums Canister Vacuums product is by - Samsung is back with their new Air Compact canister vacuum cleaner series. The new Model 5100C is a compact, but yet extremely powerful straigh suction canister vacuum cleaner. Boasting a quiet, yet powerful 1300 Watt 12 Amp motor, the Samsung Air canister model 5100C even allows the user to vary the amount of suction they need, for cleaning delicate curtains, or upholstery, or even bath matts which when cleaned with other vacuums, can cause the the mat or delicate rug to be sucked into the head of the vacuum, and leave you trying to straddle, and fight the rug just to vacuum it. The telescoping metal wand allows users of all heights to adjust the wand to the most comfortable height for that particular user. The Samsung Air compact canister model 5100C uses Samsung Style VP-95 Style Vacuum Bags and even has a convenient bag full indicator, taking the guess work out of when the bag is full.... Learn More

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