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Cana-Vac Doc IT Total Control Set 45 Foot Vacu-Vision Hose - DocITTotalControl45 - Accessories sku

Cana-Vac Doc IT Total Control Set 45 Foot Vacu-Vision Hose - DocITTotalControl45 by Cana-Vac

Item description: This Accessories Attachment Sets product is by Cana-Vac - Doc IT Total Control 45 Foot KitThe Cana-Vac Doc IT Total Control Kit Comes with a 45 Foot hose that covers 2,500 Square Feet. Say Goodbye to carrying a big bulky hose around your house! Your hose is now all conveniently stored inside the wall and out of sight! Vacu-Vision HoseThe brand new Cana-Vac Vacu-Vision hose is the first of its kind. The Hose is not only of a soft kink proof material. It is also the first hose that relays real time information to the user from a LCD screen on the handle of the hose. The Vacu-Vision Hose can be programed for 3 different languages English, Spanish, and French. The Vacu-Vision hose is the only Vacuum out of all canisters, uprights, robotic, and central vacuums that lets you know what is wrong with the vacuum. With RED ALERT warnings like Bag Full, Blockage, Check Motor, and Over Temp. More amazing features of the Vacu-Vision hose is the ability to adjust the suction of the 3 Speed motor. The Functionality of the 3 speed motor gives you the ability to clean anything from delicate curtains to carpets that require full suction. Other features include the ability to turn the headlight on the powerhead on and off, and turn the brushroll in the powerhead on and off. Just as a reminder, all of these features are located on the handle centimeters away from your fingers. Features -3 Year warranty -45 Foot Kink Proof Hose -RED ALERT Warnings -3 Speed Motor -This Package is Great for Hardwood, Area Rugs, and Berber carpeted floors Call Us at 1-888-468-2210 for any questions or power nozzle upgrades.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cana-Vac

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Category: Attachment Sets


See the Price of Cana-Vac Doc IT Total Control Set 45 Foot Vacu-Vision Hose

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