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We won Best of the South Bay Again!

We have been voted the best vacuum cleaner shop in the Torrance area by the readers of The Daily Breeze!...

All Makes Vacuums Wins Best of the South Bay for the 5th Time

All Makes Vacuums was voted Best in the South Bay for the category of Best Vacuum Cleaner Shop for the 5th time in the last 8 years....

The truth about HEPA filters and your vacuum cleaner

What does HEPA mean Do they really help Do I really need a HEPA filter for my vacuum cleaner I have a HEPA filter, but how do I know if it is doing the job...

What vacuum should you use on silk or ultra soft, high-pile carpet?

If you just put Mohawks SmartStrand Silk or the Shaw Anso Caress carpet, you need to be aware that your vacuum cleaner probably will not push through it!...

We now sell Austin Air Air Purifiers

All Makes Vacuums and are proud top announce that we now carry Austin Air Purifiers in our store and on our website!...

Consumer Reports and Durability of Vacuum Cleaners

Can you trust what the leading consumer reporting publications are telling you when it comes to recommending a vacuum cleaner...

Kirby Odorific II - KIR359_fbm_1 - Accessories sku

Kirby Odorific II - KIR359_fbm_1 by Kirby

Item description: This Accessories Cleaning Accessories product is by Kirby - This is some powerful stuff and it really works. Comes in 1/4 oz per bottle. Odorific II Concentrated Fragrance There are certain smells that knock you out or at least, cause you to sit down. You don't have to take it sitting down any more with Odorific II. The vilest of smells will be vanquished with a few drops. Banish Foul Odors Shake a few drops in your stinky garbage cans or in your indoor trash containers. You can also place a few drops on a cotton ball and place it in your shoe closets or in the outer cloth bag of your home care system. (Not recommended for carpet, plastic, rubber or painted surfaces.) Choose your favorite scent. * Cinnamon Spice * Original * Vanilla... Learn More

Manufacturer: Kirby

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Category: Cleaning Accessories


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