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SKU-SC-32-0120-04 Nilofresh Rug and Room Odor Neutralizer Original Scent 14 oz. from Go Vacuum  sku

Nilofresh Rug and Room Odor Neutralizer Original Scent 14 oz. - SC-32-0120-04 by Nilofresh

Item description: This Accessories Cleaning Supplies product is by Nilofresh - Nilofresh Rug and Room Odor Neutralizer Original Scent. 100 % Bio-Degradable Rug and Room Odor Neutralizer. Original Scent. Safe for all vacuums and carpeting. Net Weight 14 ounces. Nilofresh is a very effective rug and room deodorizer. Eliminates pet, smoke and other malodors, leaving rooms smelling fresh and clean. Nilofresh will help reduce static electricity and is safe for use around children and pets. This package will deodorize approximately twenty-five 10 foot x 10 foot carpets. Manufacturer Part No.: 12-NFC CS-81215... Learn More

Manufacturer: Nilofresh

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Category: Cleaning Supplies


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