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SKU-SC-B-145 Bayes Granite Rejuvenator Bottle 16 Oz from Go Vacuum  sku

Bayes Granite Rejuvenator Bottle 16 Oz - SC-B-145 by Bayes

Item description: This Accessories Cleaning Supplies product is by Bayes - Granite, marble and natural stone countertops are trademarks of a luxurious kitchen, yet require proper care to maintain a like-new appearance. Professional-grade Bayes granite countertop rejuvenator is specially formulated to dissolve spills and grease, clean, polish and protect your investment. Helps repel oil and water. Rejuvenates original seal to maintain a beautiful, streak-free appearance and satiny-smooth finish. This eco-responsible alternative to abrasive and caustic cleaners is the natural choice to prevent erosion and damage. Eco-friendly granite countertop cleaner is nontoxic, biodegradable. Lemon scent freshens your countertop and kitchen. Made in the USA.16-fl. oz. Product Features Eco-responsible cleaner dissolves spills and grease from granite, marble and natural stone countertops Rejuvenates original seal to leave countertop clean, streak-free, shiny and protected Professional-grade formula cleans, polishes and protects Helps repel oil and water Lemon-scented formula cleans countertop and freshens your kitchen Nontoxic and biodegradable Recyclable nonaerosol bottle... Learn More

Manufacturer: Bayes

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