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Bayes Fabric Protection B-154 - 24oz Spray Bottle - SC-B-154 by Bayes

Item description: This Accessories Cleaning Supplies product is by Bayes - Bayes Fabric Protectant is a unique product utilizing pure water as a carrier rather than hazardous and harmful acetone and petroleum distillates. It is safe to use indoors, yet provides maximum protection under extreme outdoor conditions. This ground breaking new formula gives all the performance of old fashiond aerosol repellents in a handy and responsible eco-friendly pump. This product contains a special advanced polymer designed to repel both oil and water-borne stains from fabric. This is important in household environments where both water-borne stains (fruit juice, wine, soft drinks) and oil-borne stains (margarine, mayonnaise, ice cream) are present. Commonly used silicone based repellents are effective only against water-borne stains In addition to stain protection, Bayes Fabric Protectant also helps prevent UV degradation of fabric. Its unique multi-action polymer acts as a sunscreen for fabric, and helps prevent deterioration due to sunlight and other UV light sources. Extreme Fabric Protection Restores Factory Installed Fabric Repellents 24oz Spray Bottle Repels Dirt, Bird Droppings, Water and Oil-Borne Stains Reduces UV Light Damage Safe Water Based Formula No Acetone or Petroleum Distillates Approx. 120-150sq ft Coverage per Bottle Recyclable Non-Aerosol Bottle Made in the USA... Learn More

Manufacturer: Bayes

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