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We won Best of the South Bay Again!

We have been voted the best vacuum cleaner shop in the Torrance area by the readers of The Daily Breeze!...

All Makes Vacuums Wins Best of the South Bay for the 5th Time

All Makes Vacuums was voted Best in the South Bay for the category of Best Vacuum Cleaner Shop for the 5th time in the last 8 years....

The truth about HEPA filters and your vacuum cleaner

What does HEPA mean Do they really help Do I really need a HEPA filter for my vacuum cleaner I have a HEPA filter, but how do I know if it is doing the job...

What vacuum should you use on silk or ultra soft, high-pile carpet?

If you just put Mohawks SmartStrand Silk or the Shaw Anso Caress carpet, you need to be aware that your vacuum cleaner probably will not push through it!...

We now sell Austin Air Air Purifiers

All Makes Vacuums and are proud top announce that we now carry Austin Air Purifiers in our store and on our website!...

Consumer Reports and Durability of Vacuum Cleaners

Can you trust what the leading consumer reporting publications are telling you when it comes to recommending a vacuum cleaner...

Electrolux Hose With Metal Machine End - UJ-ECXV-CKTB - Accessories sku

Electrolux Hose With Metal Machine End - UJ-ECXV-CKTB by Electrolux

Item description: This Accessories Central Vacuum Parts product is by Electrolux - This is a replacement electric suction hose assembly designed to fit older style Electrolux, Lux, or Aerus canister vacuum cleaners. This replacement attachment hose is a much better design then the original style cloth vinyl hose, as it's a much more durable material. Another improvement over this hose to the original hose, is the On / Off switch that's included in the new hose. This switch allows you to turn your electric power nozzle off with the flip of finger tip, when vacuuming hardwood floors. No need to remove the carpet attachment, and look for the brush with this new feature. This hose is the older style Electrolux Super J hose, and will work with your canister if your hose is metal on the end that attaches into the canister. Fits all Metal Style Aerus, Lux, and Electrolux canisters made since 1952. If your hose has any plastic on the end which fits into the vacuum, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT HOSE, use LUX LE Style Hose instead. Fits Electrolux 120S, Electrolux Super J, Electrolux Silverado, Electrolux Olympia, Electrolux Marquis, Electrolux Diamond Jubilee... Learn More

Manufacturer: Electrolux

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Category: Central Vacuum Parts


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