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Rapid Prototyping: There’s More Than One Way to Skin a CAD

pEvery product, whether it be hardware or software, starts as a prototype before it becomes a shippable product./p...

Stratasys Joins Forces with Non-Profit Workshops for Warriors, Donates to Additive Manufacturing Curriculum

pStudents have opportunity to learn the value of additive technology—accelerating manufacturing speed, agility and design freedom—with the Stratasys Fortus 3D printing solution./p...

Leeds Entrepreneur Builds Sustainable Future for 3D Printing

p90% of all plastics worldwide are derived from non-recyclable sources./p...

Connectivity’s Influence on Product Controls and Aesthetics

pMuch has been written about the impact connectivity will have on the features and benefits of current products, but there has been little discussion regarding the impact on the controls and aesthetics./p...

Factory of the Future: 3D Printers, Process Automation and Specialists Needed

pImagine a cavernous room filled with industrial-grade 3D printers and quiet robots moving from station to station handling the production of complex, precisely designed parts and products./p ...

3D printing is not a cheat code

pEngineers and designers are always interested in new technologies that can help them produce parts that fit their function. When a new technology arrives on the scene, there are often years of trial and error approaches as guidin...

Designing Parts that Go Beyond the Minimum

pThe possibilities with additive manufacturing (AM) continue to grow decades after a group of MIT engineers patented the technology in the mid-1980s. Commonly known as 3D printing, AM has been quietly observed by many manufacturer...