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What Are Some Fabric Softener Hazards - The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

The danger of fabric softener and dryer sheets may involve chemical trade secrets and hard to identify fragrance chemicals. Plus safe, cheap, and effective home made fabric softener recipes....

How to Test for Radon Gas Levels in Your Home Simple and Cheap

Learn how to test for Radon Gas in your home with the best short and long-term test kit and digital monitor...

Top Rated Home Air Purifier for Dust, Pet Fur, Chemicals, No Off-gassing

Good affordable home air purifier for dust, pet fur, pet dander, odors, and with no chemical off-gassing from housing...

Indoor Air Quality Test Kit Used by the Pros for Sick Building Syndrome Testing

Best of Breed Indoor Air Quality Test Kit for over 400 volatile organic compounds and mold now available direct from the source, with no middle man mark-up, and at a special discount...

The Best Air Purifier for a Baby, Infant, Toddler, or Child

Guide to the best air purifier for a baby, newborne, or young child so that danger of asthma and affects from chemicals, gases, and fine particles is minimized in urban areas...

What's the Best of the Best Air Purifier? This Swiss Company Has the Answer

Finding the Best Air Purifier wasnt easy, but here is our conclusion and the data to back it up - its hands down the best...

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