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Allergy News:

New Study Aims to Cure Food Allergies

Researchers at Northwestern University may have found a way to trick the body of peanut-allergic people into believing the food is no threat....

Could Carbon Dioxide Ease Allergies?

An experimental treatment may ease allergy symptoms, but it could be bad for Mother Nature....

Allergy Vaccine Passes Phase II Clinical Trial

The trial found that a regimen of the vaccine improved eye allergy reactions by 30 percent and skin reactions by 54 percent....

Study Finds Fewer Asthmatics Die of Swine Flu

Asthmatics who are admitted to a hospital with swine flu are half as likely to die as their peers, a new study has found....

Moderate Alcohol Intake May Cut Asthma Risk

The sweet spot appears to be drinking one to six units of alcohol per week, researchers say....

Gene May Explain Why Some Asthmatics Don't Respond to Steroids: Study

Up to 40 percent of people with asthma do not respond to inhaled steroids, and researchers say they may know why....

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