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How can I make my indoor air better?

pIf you have an HVAC system, it’s actually much easier than you might think to make your indoor air better. By following a few simple steps, you can dramatically improve your indoor air quality with little muss or fuss. 1. Check for leaky connections in your ductwork. If you have a loose juncture, gaps between […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= can I make my indoor air better/a appeared first on a rel=nofol...

Introducing: The Germies & Friends!

pTo bring a little fun into an otherwise dry and dusty environment, Ultravation is proud to present The Germies & Friends! These cute little creatures will star in their very own comic strip and short films that are sure to both entertain and educate the young and old alike. “Like” Ultravation on Facebook today to […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= The Germies & Friends!/a appeared first on a ...

Allergies and You: Pet Allergies – Controlling dog and cat dander in your home

pAre you a person who longs for a pet dog or cat but are stuck with an iguana because you’re allergic to pet dander Installing an Ultravation ProgressiveMedia™ air filter can definitely help! But first let’s learn about what makes people allergic to this common allergen: People with pet allergies have an immune system that […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= and ...

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality: Are Scented Candles Putting Your Health At Risk?

pWhen we think of pollutants in our indoor air we think of cooking smoke, airborne pollen, cleaning product VOCs, dust build-up, or cigarette smoke – not the lovely fragrances created by scented candles. But what actually makes those candles smell so nice Many candle companies use synthetic chemicals to create those aromas, simply writing “fragrance” […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href=

City of Chicago Uses PCO Technology on City Streets

pChicago’s Department of Transportation unveiled the “greenest street in America” on October 9, 2012. This project, located on a 1˝-mile stretch in the neighborhood of Pilsen, includes a variety of green technologies including wind and solar energy, LED lighting, better rainwater collection devices, and even smog-eating roads! Yes! They are using PCO technology to improve […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href=

Happy Birthday Ignaz Semmelweis!

pEven if you’ve never heard of Ignaz Semmelweis, you probably follow his advice multiple times a day. He discovered that there was a connection between washing your hands and spreading disease, which started the ball rolling on germ theory! Before his work, people had no idea that there was a connection between cleanliness and illness. […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= Birthday Ignaz Semmelweis!/a appeared f...