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IPL Acquires Macro Plastics for $150 Million

pMacro is the largest manufacturer of rigid plastic bulk bins worldwide./p...

FATHOM Implements Newest 3D Printing System by Stratasys

pStratasys introduces automated FDM-based 3D build system, used at FATHOM's advanced manufacturing facility in Oakland, CA./p...

Solving Complex Adhesion Problems with Plasma

pWhen traditional chemical adhesives fail to sufficiently bond dissimilar types of materials, engineers often turn to plasma treatments to solve complex adhesion problems./p...

KISS Cooling and Heating Circulators

pThe new KISS circulators are ideally suited for routine laboratory applications such as sample temperature control, analyses and material testing as well as the external temperature control of measuring devices and test setups./p...

Coleman Echelon Variable Capacity Residential Systems

pThe Coleman® brand of Johnson Controls recently introduced its most advanced product line to date—the Coleman Echelon™ Variable Capacity Residential Systems. In addition to variable capacity technology, these new ...

ABM Custom Angular Drives and Motors

pTwo-stage angular gearboxes offered by ABM Drives have an efficiency of up to 96%. ABM Drives provides the complete assembly including geared motors and integrated motor controller./p...

Welle Smart Device

pWelle (pronounced vell-uh) is a smart device that instantly turns any surface into a “smart” interface using Sonar Technology through hand gestures. Welle gives you the ability to use unlimited simple gestures to cont...