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Thermoplastic Elastomer Hybrids

A new technology platform is shifting the performance limits of thermoplastic elastomers....

Progress, Progress Everywhere

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. It’s a famous line from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” uttered by a more-than-thirsty sailor on a ship bereft of fresh water as he is forced to stare at an ocean of sea water he cannot use to satiate his need. And so, I’m sure, has been the sentiment of many a sailor, explorer, or pioneer—really, anyone who was the first to attempt something. ...

Award Winning Entertainment

Last October, this column highlighted the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) 2018 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) winners in the “Home” products category. ...

Going With the Flow to Optimize Fluid Sensors

Product developers at Endress+Hauser improve the sensitivity of flow sensors for measuring fluid density, viscosity, mass flow, and temperature for applications in the water, food, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries....

Appliance and Similar Equipment Testing Standards

With the increase of appliances equipped with the Internet of Things capabilities, with appliances now in a standby mode, waiting for the wireless operational commands, electronic on/off position, or utilizing an electronic protective control circuit in addition to wireless compliance testing, the need to meet safety standards for wireless and other product safety standards is crucial....

TCT and Women in 3D Printing Partner on Innovator Award

The TCT Group is delighted to announce a collaboration with Women in 3D Printing for the 2019 edition of the TCT Awards....

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  • Dritz See-Thru Dressmakers Ruler

    Dritz See-Thru Dressmakers Ruler
    Measure and mark exact location of buttons, buttonholes, pockets, etc. Measure straight of grain from fabric selvages. Measure and mark spacing for pleats and t...(more)

    $6.15 More Details
  • Dritz Seam Roll

    Dritz Seam Roll
    For pressing seams open on long & narrow areas. Prevents impression marks on right side of fabric. Press sleeves without creating a center crease for a professi...(more)

    $8.95 More Details
  • Dritz Sewing Kit for Travel

    Dritz Sewing Kit for Travel
    For travel, school, purse or backpack. Contains: small scissors, (2) Safety Pins, 25" Tape Measure, (2) Hand Needles & Threader, (6) Colors of Thread, (2) Strai...(more)

    $2.09 More Details
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