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EpoxySet EB-177 Epoxy

EpoxySet offers the EB-177, a low viscosity epoxy used in optoelectronic applications especially where high temperatures must be endured.  The EB-177 is rated for continuous use at 250¬¬°C and intermittently to 300°C.  ...

Tecumseh ARGUS Condensing Unit

Tecumseh ARGUS is a next generation of air-cooled, low and medium temperature condensing unit platform focusing on ½ to 6 HP capacities. Tecumseh ARGUS is designed with building owners and service technicians in mind and provides unmatched performance, sustainability, serviceability and flexibility. ...

Noark Ex9S32 Motor Circuit Protection Controls

Noark Electric announced the addition of several new accessories to its Ex9S32 line of motor circuit protection control products. ...

Easy Ainít Easy: Taking the difficulty out of making things easy-to-use.

Easy ain’t easy. Sounds like something said by cultural catch-phrase artist and legendary baseball player Yogi Berra, but it sums up a conversation I had at the recent AHR Expo in Atlanta.  ...

Strong Surge in Home Comfort for 2nd Straight Month

The Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers’ (AHAM) November shipment numbers showed an increase in overall major appliances, jumping to 5,933.2, a 1.8% increase from November 2017. The year-to-date number fell to 71,905, a decrease of 0.4% over 2017. ...

Ergonomic Guide to a Safer, More Efficient Connector-Assembly Workplace

Various types of connectors are used in home appliances and air-conditioning systems to create reliable contacts between different parts of electric circuits. In recent years, the number and types of connectors have multiplied as advanced sensors, controls, and communication/networking capabilities are incorporated into more intelligent appliances. ...

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    The Laurastar Pulse ironing system, Laurastar's latest technological innovation, consists of an active board, equipped with a 2-speed blower and vacuum system, ...(more)

    $2,999.00 More Details

    The Laurastar Lift + Pinky Pop steam generator has a pulse steam system where steam is diffused by a series of short intermittent bursts to ensure optimal steam...(more)

    $799.00 More Details
  • LAURASTAR LIFT-Ultimate Black

    LAURASTAR LIFT-Ultimate Black
    Compact and light, Laurastar Lift + is the first steam generator with a handle that lets you take it everywhere, from the ironing board to the clothes hanger. I...(more)

    $799.00 More Details
  • Laurastar Lift - Platinum

    Laurastar Lift - Platinum
    The Laurastar Lift + Platinum steam generator offers a Laurastar exclusive professional iron, with an ultra-light soleplate, which diffuses an ultra-fine powerf...(more)

    $829.00 More Details
  • LauraStar MYCOVER

    LauraStar MYCOVER
    The ironing board cover designed specifically for Laurastar ironing systems has a contemporary design and a stylish color offering high-comfort thickness for ea...(more)

    $69.95 More Details
  • LauraStar Origami Cover

    LauraStar Origami Cover
    The Origamicover helps you achieve perfectly aligned piles of clothes thanks to its built-in folding lines. Its materials, specially developed by Laurastar Swis...(more)

    $69.95 More Details