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GE Additive Outlines Software Strategy and Industry Partnerships

The additive industry uses a vast array of build preparation tools, technologies, interfaces and licenses, which creates an additional layer of complexity....

Volkswagen Selects Additive Industriesí MetalFAB1 for Industrial 3D Metal Printing

World’s largest car maker invests in fully automated metal additive manufacturing system for tooling....

UL Chemical Safety Research and Georgia Institute of Technology Release Pioneering 3D Printing Research

Desktop 3D printers generate ultrafine particles (UFPs) while in operation. UFPs may pose a health concern since they are the size of nanoparticles and may be inhaled and penetrate deep into the human pulmonary system....

Assembly Show Exhibits the Latest Manufacturing Technology

Industry 4.0 and automation were common themes across the show floor, as leaders hosted educational sessions providing tips towards digital transformation, and exhibitors competed to define exactly how Industry 4.0 and other trends will play out on the factory floor....

IoT and Cloud Computing Meet Restaurant Refrigeration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is uniquely poised to transform the restaurant refrigeration industry worldwide. The ability to connect refrigeration (and other restaurant equipment that is critical to operations) to the public cloud for the purpose of sending and receiving data is at the core of this transformation....

Safer Gas for a Safer Future

In 1993, as part of an effort to improve the safety of gas appliances entering the European market, the Gas Appliance Directive (GAD) was introduced. This directive applied to manufacturers of appliances that burn gaseous fuels for cooking, heating, producing hot water, refrigerating, lighting or washing and helped establish a clear path for market entry into Europe. ...

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  • LauraStar MYCOVER

    LauraStar MYCOVER
    The ironing board cover designed specifically for Laurastar ironing systems has a contemporary design and a stylish color offering high-comfort thickness for ea...(more)

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  • LauraStar Origami Cover

    LauraStar Origami Cover
    The Origamicover helps you achieve perfectly aligned piles of clothes thanks to its built-in folding lines. Its materials, specially developed by Laurastar Swis...(more)

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